"As one of the owners of H & O Brothers, we own three different franchises. Our best pick among the three is Sbarro. This is because of the several factors such as the help that we got from the beginning through the operation. All upper management were flexible to our needs. Best of all is that Sbarro is the most profitable among the other franchises we own."

John Uzun, Owner – H & O Brothers

"My roles as a Regional Controller, a Director of Finance, and a Vice President of Finance with a major master concessionaire provided me a unique opportunity to see how most regional/national brands performed. Not only was Sbarro typically the highest sales performer head to head against other brands, it's operating margins far out-performed all other brands by as much as 8 to 10 percentage points. To me, there was no other brand that could come close to Sbarro's excellent sales performance, outstanding operating margins, and superior operating cash flows."

Kevin Erickson, Owner – Consortium Holding Group, Inc.

"The Sbarro team has been a pleasure to work with from the time we first met thru planning, construction, training, opening, and ongoing operations. They are a team that really cares about building a successful business with you and representing the brand with quality."

Joe Charette, Executive Director – Rutgers University Dining Services

I have been a franchisees for other businesses, but have enjoyed the team work and staff helpfulness from Sbarro the most. I can reach them by phone or email quickly when there is a problem or if I'm wanting details about the new marketing strategy we are offering at the time. The staff connectivity is top notch. Since opening in 2010, Sbarro's growth initiatives and strategies have allowed me to grow as a franchisee and expand into the Off Mall sites. I have plans to open another site in the fall of 2016 and possibility more following."

Chad Nipper, Owner – Nipcore, Inc.

"As one of the first developers of multi-unit food courts, I looked for partner brands that offered strong customer recognition and superior quality products. Sbarro was the clear choice in the QSR pizza / Italian concept. Since 1993, MSE and Sbarro have had a great partnership opening and operating locations in a variety of settings, including upscale outlet centers and hospitals. Sbarro offers great support to our management teams and keeps us on the cutting edge."

Ed Jones, Vice President – MSE Branded Foods

"Since 1981, first & foremost we believe in the product Sbarro sells. Over the many years Sbarro has leveraged their superior product to becomes a strong global pizza brand. As we open new locations we intend to work with Sbarro's international brand recognition for many years to come. From site selection, leasing, architectural, design and operations, Sbarro is able to execute on their proven formula and it has been a continuous positive experience."

Rocco Armocida, Owner – Armocida's Group

"One of the best parts of being a Sbarro franchisee is the menu variety. There is something on it for everyone's taste. The quality of the food in terms of what goes into it, taste, and product layout is second to none. Add to that the fact that Sbarro continues to develop new product offerings which helps keep us competitive. In terms of site flexibility, I have found the product and brand is easily adaptable to a variety of locations, for instance, my stores are located in a shopping mall as well as a casino. Because of the brand recognition and the quality of the food, potential customers know they are going to get a quality product at a good price regardless of the site. I have been very pleased with my support of the Sbarro brand. I am always on the lookout for new opportunities and locations for another store while continuing to build my existing business. Sbarro will continue to play a key role in my future growth as well as my future plans."

Frank Tomasello, Owner – Franjo LLC
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